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Children & Families

Is it Taylor Swift or Robert Frost?

In honor of National Poetry Month, stop in and take a quiz to see who wrote the line: Taylor Swift or Robert Frost?


Recycle Your Eclipse Glasses

We were happy to provide our community with 1,200 pairs of eclipse glasses! Now that you’re done with them, bring them back to the Library and we’ll send them to children in South America so they can watch the solar eclipse in October.

Use our 24/7 Locker

We have great news for everyone who used our lockers or who likes curbside service: the CLLOCKER is back and she’s new and improved! Pick up your items 24/7 in the secure and easy-to-use lockers. All you have to do is scan your library card. The locker with your items will open automatically and print a receipt. When you request your items from the online catalog, select the Clinton-Kirkland Town Library Locker as the pick-up library. Or, just let a member of our staff know that you prefer to pick up at the locker.

Plastic Film Recycling

Recycle your plastic film at the library and help us earn a new bench! We have until November 2024 to collect 1,000 pounds of clean plastic film. Drop off your donations in the bin on our back porch. Click here to see what is and isn’t accepted; please note that everything must be clean. We’ve collected 205 pounds so far. Help us reach our 1,000-pound goal!

BOGO Book Club

Starts May 1

Have a book you’d like to trade for something new? This is the club for you.
Between May 1 and May 15, adults can stop by the Library to join the club and drop off a book from your shelves that you no longer want and add it to the BOGO bookshelf. Then come back between May 16 and May 31 to choose something from the shelf.