Village Sign

The Kirkland Town Library now manages the sign on the Village Green.

Please download, print, and complete this form to post an event on the Village of Clinton sign. Completed forms can be returned to the Kirkland Town Library or emailed to

Due to possible conflicts in the volume of sign postings, all three message blocks should be filled in. The sign committee will adjust sign message postings to fit available space.

1. Messages will be posted for one week’s duration or longer (if no other messages are requested prior to the event).
2. All requests for space should be received at least two weeks prior to posting.
3. Space will be allocated on a first-come, first serve basis.
4. Events must occur within the Town of Kirkland.
5.  No commercial advertisements will be accepted. Messages should be from a Town of Kirkland business, non-profit, or other recognized organization. Not for use by individuals.
6. No weekly, monthly, or yearly schedules will be accepted.
7. All requests for space should be emailed to
8. Please be sure to submit complete information including day, date, time of event, purpose, and if it is a non-profit fundraiser.